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Consumers thrive when they have enough information when they want to pay for goods or services. Information not only enlightens consumers, but also protects them from eroding the value of their money. It is the demand for consumer information that has propelled consumer magazines like the consumer report to the great heights it has today.

Online, e-commerce companies feed this demand with customer reviews as well as other information consumers like to have before buying products or services on their website. There are however, a good number of thriving e-commerce sectors like online essay companies that operate without consumer feedback or reviews.

Student consumers

Most students demand the services of an essay writing company when they are overwhelmed with assignments, side jobs, entrepreneurial pursuits, families, and other commitments. Ideally, the companies they choose should be able to deliver on their promises keeping in mind that the essays matter a lot to the students.

But this rarely happens when one is buying with little or no information about a given service provider apart from what they say by themselves. The most effective way these students can use to find competitive, highly professional custom essay writing companies is through reviews.

Why we review essay writing companies

The major reason why reviews essay writing companies is because essay e-commerce websites don’t have them as a standard on their platforms. As a result, there are many essay writing companies cropping up, regardless of whether or not they have the ability to deliver on their promises. We review these companies to have a footprint for every essay writing company operating out there. We also realize that there isn’t enough information about essay companies out there; this has led to a large number of students’ spending money on incompetent services. The most effective way to hire the best essay writing company is for student to read reviews before buying essays.

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How works

There are two main types of reviews on this website. The first set comes from real customers. We constantly ask them to share their experience – after their have purchased an essay from a custom paper company. We use the ratings these consumers share to come up with a list of top essay writing service providers our users can depend on as recommendations.

The second set of reviews is done by an expert from Our expert reviews each essay writing service, helping students discover aspects that are normally missing in most customer reviews.